500ml scRUNch Flask - With Straw

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Stick it in your bag, flip the lid, sup it, scrunch it. Virtually bombproof and just the job for Ultras, Multisport, biking and other events where you need to grab a drink quickly and stow it even quicker. Taking its inspiration from our Man Vs and other ‘out-there’ adventure events, this is a core essential of the Rat Race range, just as a decent water source is a core essential of any high-octane outing in the big bad outdoors. 

Squeeze the bottle and bite down on the top to consume the contents, as the bottle empties it will take up less space in your pocket/bag. Keep track of how much liquid you're taking in with the handy measurements on the rear of the bottle. Long straw option for use with front runniong vest pockets, perfect with the Great Glen 15 Multi-Sport pack, available here.
  • 500ml Capacity
  • Soft but tough material
  • Measurements on the rear
  • scRUNches up to fit into your pocket or pack
  • Long straws for refueling on the move
  • Bite valve: Silicone
  • Cap: PP
  • Bottle Body: TPU
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