Rat Race 2L Reservoir

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Rat Race 2L Reservoir

Boca Chica Creek is a tiny tributary of the Changuinola River, which flows from the cloud forest of the central mountains of Panama into the Caribbean Sea. It is also the point at which, after 5 days of constant and self-contained wilderness jungle trekking involving an eye-watering amount of ascent and with heavy packs, the exhausted adventurers of the Panama Coast to Coast emerge from the jungle. One final night in a hammock at Boca Chica will feel like tropical bliss, with the sounds of the river lulling weary participants off to sleep. There may also be trepidation for the following day, pack rafts are inflated, and the journey continues on the river, to reach the coast some 2 days later. For those embarked on the trip, this has been an enormous undertaking - running, trekking and rafting their way from coast to coast across the entire isthmus of central America. They'll certainly need a drink and you can assume that our trusty bladder will be swiftly replaced upon arrival at journey's end in the island paradise of Bocas Del Toro, with hydration of a more alcoholic and celebratory variety.


BPA Free
Tough material
Large bit valve - bite to drink
On/off switch - prevents waterleaking when stored
Small pack size when empty

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