Bucket List Adventure Bag - 70L Duffel - Yellow

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At Rat Race we love a good adventure. We’ve travelled the world with our Bucket List series, from the scorching heat of the Namib desert to the frozen lakes deep in Mongolia. One thing we’ve learned is the importance of a good kit bag and it doesn’t get much better than our Bucket List duffel collection. They’re tough, durable and can easily brush off anything your adventure has in store.

To test the durability of our duffel bag we called up a few friends and pulled together an unlikely arsenal including fireworks, spaghetti hoops, a 40 tonne articulated truck, some industrial telehandlers, 2 Land Rovers and a British Army sniper, (with rifle). We may have got a bit carried away with this one but we did learn that this is one tough bag. With welded seams this duffel is fully waterproof up to the main zip level so you can dump it on the wet grass in transition or leave it out in the rain for hours, safe in the knowledge that it’ll keep your fruit pastilles and/ or undies dry as you race.




  • Welded Seam - Waterproof up to main zip
  • Volume: 70 Litre
  • Tough durable material
  • Bold design to stand out at the airport
  • Detachable shoulder straps with chest strap
  • Comfortable carry handle
  • 4 Compression Straps for when the bag isn't full
  • Internal lid pocket
  • Reinforced base
  • Side loops for extra storage
  • Chunky zips for easy access
  • Rubber handles on ends
  • External ID card slot


Height: 27cm

Length: 71cm

Width: 42cm

Packaging policy – our bags are tough, we don’t see the point in packaging them in another bag. For this reason, our new bag range will no longer come in a clear poly bag. Rather than recycling or reuse we’ve decided not to produce these bags in the first place, this means thousands of bags haven’t been produced this year alone and will never end up in landfill. Rest assured your bag is new and unused.


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