Ridge - Folding Cap - White

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Ridge - Folding Cap - White

British weather can be unpredictable, one minute its raining the next the sun is cracking the slates. When your going light weight a cap can take up a lot of room in your pack and no body wants it swinging around on the outside, problem solved with Rat Race's folding cap, simply fold it up and stick it in your back pocket for when it's needed. 

Ridge (noun): 

1.) Type of combat helmet worn by the Roman Army of late antiquity

2.) A long, narrow hilltop or mountain range, such as the famous Whinsill straddling Cumbria and Northumberland along the ancient line of Hadrian’s Wall

3.) Rat Race runners’ folding headgear, taking its inspiration from ‘The Wall’ - a stunning Ultramarathon along the hadrian’s Wall corridor and widely dubbed as Britain’s most ‘doable’ Ultra, despite its formidable 69 mile distance

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