Lifeventure - RFiD Charging Wallet Recycled - Grey

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RFiD Charging Wallet Recycled - Grey

Never run out of charge for your phone with the RFiD charging wallet. Featuring an integrated charger pocket which is home to an ultra-slimline, lightweight 2500 mAh power bank that will provide a full charge for a phone wherever you are. Suitable for mobile phone devices, the power bank comes with a micro USB and lightning adapter for Apple iPhone. It is also ideal for giving tablets, small cameras and even head-torches a power boost whilst you are on the move and away from electric points.

The power bank itself is easy to recharge via the provided micro USB cable and for increased peace of mind LED lights indicate the level of charge of the power bank with a red light showing when the device is charging and a solid blue light to let users know when it is fully charged. All this combines with an RFiD protected wallet (except for the external zip pocket that is not RFiD protected) weighing just 137g, features 6 card slots, 2 note pockets, 2 zipped coin pockets, 3 stash pockets and a slimline charger pocket for streamlined, versatile travel with your essentials.

Please note: Lightning adapter is located in power bank. Plug micro USB into power bank port to release.





  • RFiD protected

  • 6 card slots, 1 with ID window

  • 3 stash pockets plus charger pocket

  • External zip pocket (not RFiD protected)

  • 2 note pockets and zipped coin pockets

  • PowerCard charger wallet


  • Includes slimline 2500mAh phone charger

  • Fits neatly into pocket inside wallet

  • Provides full charge for a smartphone

  • Rechargeable via USB (cable included)

  • Compatible with Apple iPhone and Android devices (most smartphones)

  • Supplied with micro USB and lightning adapter

  • Water resistant fabric

  • Hook and loop closure



RFiD Protected

This wallet utilises an RFiD blocking material. This unique fabric acts as a barrier against RFiD signals, dramatically reducing the risk of identity theft from bank or credit cards.

What is RFiD?

RFiD microchips can be found in most credit cards, passports and iD cards. They facilitate cash transactions or wireless identity checks from up to 10 feet away.

Why block RFiD signals?

Identity thieves can use handheld RFiD readers which scan the radio frequencies emitted by each chip in order to gain access to your personal data.

What is protected?

All card slots in this wallet are protected. They protect most contactless bank and credit cards.

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